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Whether you are just interested in Japan’s unique culture or are actually thinking about moving there eventually, following J-vloggers (video bloggers focusing on Japan) are a great way to get accustomed to daily life in Japan. As foreigners, they have great insight into what sets life in Japan apart from life in their respective home countries. They have similar questions and experiences to their viewers and are able to debunk the mysterious country Japan.

The YouTubers we are presenting today are popular amongst all ages and have made living in Japan easier for a lot of foreigners. If you are interested in Japanese culture, you should definitely check out their videos. The five entertainers we are presenting today only represent the most famous YouTubers and act as a starting point for those of you that are just getting started with J-vlogging.


Shibuya at Night



Mira, also known as Kanadajin3 (カナダじん, Japanese for Canadian), is the first famous YouTuber on our list. This girl from Toronto, Canada, has been living in Japan for several years now and regularly updates her subscribers about her life in Tokyo.

She is especially famous for her Housewife in Japan videos where she explains what it means to be a housewife in Japan, told from the perspective of a foreigner. This includes managing a household, explaining local recipes, giving general cooking advice as well as small language lessons. With her Gaijin tips she informs foreigners about how daily life in Japan might differ from what they are used to.

Check out her introduction video as well as her other videos on her YouTube channel.


Rachel & Jun

Next up we have Rachel & Jun, an American/Japanese married couple with more than 350,000 subscribers.

Rachel and Jun’s strength are their videos comparing Japanese culture to American culture. They put a lot of attention to details into their work and their fans appreciate it. Besides talking about their daily lives and culture shocks they personally encounter, Rachel and Jun also try to get direct input from Japanese people in the form of surveys and short questionnaires.

One of their most popular videos is What Japanese think of foreigners where they interview Japanese students in order to find out what they really think of foreigners.


Sharla in Japan

If you are interested in J-vloggers, chances are high that you have stumbled across one or two videos from Sharla, another talented YouTuber who was born and raised in Canada before coming to Japan.

Her life in Japan as well as her YouTube career started out in her college years when she eventually decided to transfer to a Japanese university to gain her bachelor’s degree. Since then her passion for making videos and connecting with people from all over the world has steadily increased her fanbase over the years.

She gives a lot of insight into places to explore around Tokyo as well as all the small things that make Japan so special. If you are more interested in her personal life check out her second channel Sharla’s Life where she posts vlogs and videos from her daily life.  



Gimmeabreakman aka Gimmeaflakeman aka Victor is a veteran when it comes to foreign YouTubers in Japan. He is experienced in his field and his earliest videos reach as far back as seven years ago.

As of today, he has multiple channels with more than 2,000 different videos online. Some of his most popular video series include Japanese for Morons, short Japanese lessons that explain phrases needed in everyday life, or collaborations with Japanese YouTuber Tomoko where he directly discusses cultural differences with a Japanese person.

He comments and explains current events in Japan as well as gives smart insights into Japanese culture. On top of that, he is a great language teacher that does not only offer short lessons in his videos, but also promotes and supports the website Maggiesensei – a must-read for Japanese language learners.



Texan in Tokyo

Last but not least we have another gorgeous interracial couple from Japan. Wife Grace grew up in Texas, but now lives with her Japanese husband Ryosuke in Tokyo. The two of them run a YouTube channel where they introduce aspects of Japanese life to foreigners. On top of being a YouTuber, Grace is a freelance writer, blogger and artist. In her comics she depicts her crazy and weird life in Japan at the side of her husband.

You can support Grace in her work through buying her comic books or simply subscribing to her channel and checking out her website.

This concludes our list for today. I hope you enjoyed getting to know some of the most famous and talented J-vloggers out there. Through their videos they allow viewers from all over the world to learn more about Japan as a country as well as their personal day-to-day lives. If you are planning a visit to Japan, thinking about living there or just trying to understand Japanese pop culture better I would highly recommend checking out these amazing YouTubers.

However, there are so many other talented and entertaining J-vloggers out there so feel free to add your own recommendations to this list. Who did we forget and who definitely needs to be included? Also, if you are interested in learning more about vloggers born and raised in Japan leave a request in the comment section down below.

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