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The Cutest Doughnuts in Tokyo

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Love doughnuts but can’t help feeling guilty after eating one? Floresta: nature doughnuts, has caught people’s attention not only because of its environmental friendly philosophy, but also because of its unique and very cute animal doughnuts.

Floresta, is a Japanese doughnut chain with 31 stores all over the country, and 5 more in China. The store concept is based on making the most natural, gentle, and healthy doughnuts for your body, all of this while incorporating friendly environmental practices to reduce their carbon footprint. The shop, originally first opened in Nara back in 2002 by Maeda Ri-yasu and his wife Yuriko. They wanted a snack that they could feel confident about being completely healthy for children to eat. And so they saw an opportunity to open Floresta.

Floresta philosophy emphasizes in the following 4 points:

  • Taste is their priority but always having in mind not to compromise their use of organic ingredients. Their products are exclusively made only out of organic and local ingredients.
  • Packaging material is kept to the minimum necessary. They try to avoid generating garbage as mush as they can.
  • They make big effort to avoid waste in ingredients, utilities and products. Also, promise to provide you with only fresh ones.
  • They keep away their products from additives and preservatives, and do not make use of synthetic detergents for the cleaning. They are conscious of the environment and people with food allergies.


No wonder why they named their shop Floresta. They chose this Portuguese word, which in English means “forest”; because of the implication a forest has to create flora and fauna in it. In order for a forest to grow, it needs an exquisite balance. This is the balance that they want to transmit and recreate. Just like a well-balanced forest, they want to grow by word of mouth, from one person to another, about how you can enjoy of a healthy but yet sweet and tasty dessert.

Floresta’s philosophy is great, but the reason I loved this place so much is because of their creativity when it comes to decorating doughnuts. Unfortunately, I went late in the afternoon for teatime, and most of their stock was sold out and did not have too many animal doughnuts where to choose from. Also, they come up every now and then with new animals depending on the season. In Japan, it is very common to have seasonal products that you would only have the chance to taste for a period of 3 months. After the season is gone, you have to wait for a year to try them again. Which I find this interesting because this way you are forced to try different flavors and tastes at least 4 times a year.

Floresta’s most famous products are the doughnuts. But, they have plenty of variety. From artisanal ice cream, to cakes, coffee, tea and many other baked goods and all of them made out of organic ingredients.

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How adorable are these donuts? Oh, and they taste as good as they look! Try it for yourself and see what animal you can get this time. I think if you go early morning you can get easily surprised.

I visited the shop located in Koenji in Tokyo area at:
3-34-14 Koshin (Takanobu) street mall
Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Koenjikita
Tel: 03-5356-5656
Opening hours: 9:00-20:00
Web: www.nature-doughnuts.jp

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