The future of OyatsuBox

Your feedback is important. It allows us to tailor OyatsuBox specially for you. We have made over 2 years of OyatsuBox deliveries and are going to do some things differently going forward.


Introducing DAGASHI and WASHOKU OyatsuBox

The most common feedback is understandably that some OyatsuBox members do not like certain types of items in their deliveries. To solve this and make things more fun, OyatsuBox will now be split into 3, full-size deliveries.

Whether you want your same style of OyatsuBox, a Japanese food & teas box or feel like traditional candies and DIY Kits, we have you covered.

You will be able to change your subscription month-to-month super easily from your account page. Try some new styles in the next few months and see which one fits you best!




9 – 12 Dagashi Snacks from Japan

Experience Dagashi culture with a range of traditional Japanese sweets and 1 DIY Candy Kit.







1.5+ pounds of Japanese Food and Tea

A carefully curated box containing Ramen, senbei, cakes, tea and coffee from all over Japan.







10-14 full size treats and one Premium Gachapon.

 A huge assortment of full-size candy, chocolate, snacks and a Capsule Toy.








Faster Shipping

Another pain-point for us and any international delivery is shipping times. Normally we wait until closer to the end of the month before making orders with manufacturers. This is to avoid overstocks of short-life items. With so many boxes leaving our warehouse, it can be between 3-10 days to sort, pack and ship.

From October we will pre-pack boxes at the start of each month. When your payment goes through, shipping will happen straight away. Our aim is to get your boxes to you 1-2 weeks early each month.


New Boxes

original box
One full day of packing times is for folding and making our custom boxes. From next month we will change over to regular boxes that can be unfolded within a few seconds. This will also be cheaper, with the difference going directly into the budget for the items in your delivery.

Our red boxes will go out with September’s OyatsuBox. Our logo will be printed on the side of each one in 1-2 months, when the metal print has finished production.


No More Leaflets

I am sorry to say goodbye to our leaflets. I’m sure many of you feel the same! The point of our deliveries is for you to experience Japanese food and snacks – this is hard when our leaflets can include only a sentence about each product.

Instead, we will include a postcard with basic item information and a password you can enter from your account panel. This will open up a full run-down of the items in every box, including the full history of each snack, commercials, nutrition information and ingredients!


Bigger Discounts

OyatsuBox members enjoy 15% off all items on, and 20% off items already featured in OyatsuBox. This is good, but not the best we can do.

Each month we will hold over a set number of each item. If you like it, you can buy it at cost from your account page. Amazing prices for snacks you love!

Of course your discount at OyatsuCafe will not be affected and you can continue enjoying members only prices forever!


Goodbye to OyatsuBox JR and OyatsuBox Original

It has been hard for us to find a good balance of items for the JR and Original boxes. We curate OyatsuBox as a large, full-size box. This ensures quality and a good balance of the types of items inside.

Unfortunately we have been unable to do this for our JR and Original boxes. We are very sorry to say goodbye to our JR and Original OyatsuBox members – if you are subscribed to one of these plans, please await our email with options on how to continue your subscription.