Japan’s Ghostbuster Burgers

The J.S Burger chain in Tokyo is making Ghostbuster themed burgers. J.S burgers are famous for creative and inspiring artisan style burgers.

This time they have went all out and created food that would actually be scary to eat!




The G.B Burger is a unique looking creation. Black buns (infused with squid ink), purple cabbage and burger patties fried in anchovy paste. It is topped off with a sweet cream and spicy ketchup.
Price: 1580 Yen (Around $15.50)


This Stay-Puft themed burger is more a dessert than anything. Between the white buns is frozen yogurt, ice cream, oreos and a patty size marshmallow. It is all topped with a sweet beet and raspberry sauce for a bloody look.
Price: 1280 Yen (Around $12.50)

The Green Ghost Milkshake is a Slimer themed made from blended apple, avocado, spinach and orange extract. The goopey mixture is topped off with big chunks of kiwi and cute little hamburger candies.
Price: 780 Yen (Around $7.60)

Would you be brave enough to eat one of the ghostly creations? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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