Only in Japan: Häagen-Dazs Original Crazy Flavors!

Try something new and taste new ice cream flavors!

We all know Häagen-Dazs, there’s is no need to describe how tasty and delicious its ice creams are. People tend to eat ice cream regardless of the season, and I feel very comfortable to say that there are just a few how do not like it at all. Despite ice cream being people’s favorite sweet and Häagen-Dazs international recognition, like any other company, it has to get creative and constantly innovate.

green tea
Green tea ice cream flavor.


vanilla cookies raspberry
Vanilla cookies raspberry ice cream flavor.

Waguri (Japanese chestnut) ice cream flavor.

They might have started with only three flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and coffee), but nowadays here in Japan they produce a wide variety of tastes. While this might not surprise you, for more than a decade the types of flavors made for Japan are ridiculous strange for an ice cream. We are not just talking about exotic fruits essences. We are talking about incorporating plants like roses and cherry blossoms to its ice cream repertoire. In the past they have also introduced ice cream with vegetable flavors, such as carrot, tomato, and purple potato.

sicilian lemon pie
Sicilian lemon pie ice cream flavor.
Rich custard
Rich custard ice cream flavor.
Banana milk
Banana milk ice cream flavor.

Japan has four seasons and has made a life around them. From fashion to food, from activities and consumer goods, everything, absolutely everything, it is determined by the season. You won’t se people at the beach unless it is summer, just like you won’t find your favorite strawberry ice cream if you are not on spring.

Azuki (Japanese sweet beans) ice cream flavor.
mint and chocolate
Chocolate mint ice cream flavor.
mango and orange
Mango and orange ice cream flavor.

What are you waiting for and surprise yourself tasting some azuki, Japanese sweet beans? Or what about some green tea ice cream flavor? They are all in sale for limited time only so better hurry up!

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