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Kit-Kat Daily Extravagance


Inspired by Kit-Kat Moleson from Tokyo’s Kit Kat Chocolatory! An extravagant and luxurious Japanese Kit-Kat made from only the finest ingredients.

Carefully crafted with almond and raspberry to produce a truly inspired flavor. Each pack contains 15 individually wrapped Kit-Kats.

Experience the newest Japanese Kit-Kat released! Will only be available for a short time.

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Kit-Kat Matcha

Green Tea Kit-Kat is back for 2016! This fantastic seasonal kit-kat has soared in popularity since its original release two years ago and its return has been much anticipated.

Green tea chocolate covers a thick layer of Kit-Kat wafers to create this delicious snack. Each bag contains 12 individually wrapped bars.

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3 –

Kit-Kat Strawberry 

Each delicious Kit-Kat wafer is covered in a smooth pink chocolate with a creamy strawberry flavor.Every bag contains 12 individually wrapped Kit-Kats. This is a limited edition flavor, and will only be sold for a short time.

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4 –

Kit-Kat – Dark Chocolate

All Japanese candy fans love the different Kit-Kat flavors available for sale only in Japan! This is a twist on the normal Kit-Kat using a rich, dark chocolate and is back for 2016.

Each pack contains 12 individually wrapped Kit-Kat bars.