Top 5 Anime Hotspots in Tokyo

Your ticket is booked, the clothes are packed, you are ready to go to Tokyo and experience anime in real life. Or are you not?

Some people might not want to hear this, but Tokyo isn’t necessarily the fantasy world constructed in many anime. It is a real place with real people and real problems. But that doesn’t mean that the anime fans of you won’t be able to enjoy a trip to the capital of Japan. Today we want to present to you the top 5 anime hotspots in Tokyo that will let you come closer to the otaku side of Japan.

Whether you are looking for shopping malls, museums or amusement parks, we have it all. So lean back and take notes to plan your next trip to the land of the rising sun. Enjoy!

5) Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum


Who wouldn’t want to live in the world of Kiki, Totoro and Co.? This dream might be impossible to achieve, but at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka you can escape into the magical world of Ghibli for at least a couple of hours.

This museum does not only highlight the greatest works of the animation studio, but combines art pieces with modern technology and other exhibitions. The building is located at Inokashira Park and surrounded by nature worthy the beautiful artwork of Ghibli. This museum is an adventure by itself that consists of an inviting garden, a bookstore, a small theater and a café.

The Ghibli Museum is a must-visit sightseeing spot in Tokyo – not only for fans of the animation house, but also all people interested in the art of modern animation. Be careful to purchase your ticket in advance, since the museum does not issue them on site.


4) J-World Tokyo

J world tokyo


J-World Tokyo is an indoor amusement park located in the Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro. Even though owning company Namco is better known for its video games, this park revolves around all of your favorite Shonen Jump characters.

When you arrive at Ikebukuro you might want to first head to Namja Town, which is also owned by Namco and located one floor below J-World. After all, this park is famous for its great and bizarre varieties of different gyoza and ice cream flavors. Once your stomach is filled, head straight over to J-World and enjoy attractions revolving around Dragonball, One Piece and Co.

On top of fun rides you can get even more unique food or buy lots of anime-related souvenirs from their shops. J-World Tokyo is the perfect attraction for anime lovers coming to Tokyo.


3) Gundam Front Tokyo



Fans of everything Mecha should be able to enjoy our next hotspot located at beautiful Odaiba.

Gundam Front Tokyo is a small museum and store dedicated to the highly popular Gundam series. Their biggest attraction is hands down the life-size Gundam statue standing in front of the building. Three times a day you can see it turn its head and emitting smoke, bringing all of your favorite Gundam moments back to life. The museum itself displays lots of short films as well as opportunities for you to take pictures with your favorite characters.

Fans of the Gundam series simply have to check this spot out. Odaiba with its amazing view and numerous shopping malls is already reason enough to make the trip out to this hotspot unforgettable.


2) Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway


You are looking for souvenirs or collectibles to bring home from your trip to Tokyo? Look no further than Nakano Broadway, because here you can find everything that your anime heart desires.

This shopping complex is located close to Nakano Station in Western Tokyo and features four different floors of shopping experience. Two entire floors are dedicated to anime, video games, manga and idols. If you are looking for merchandise, collectibles or figurines you can definitely find them here. There are also lots of smaller Mandarake stores that specialize exclusively in manga and anime related goods.

Even if you are not a big anime or manga fan you can still stroll through the two other floors and enjoy fashion, food and more. Nakano Broadway surely is a great complex to spend a day or a half at.


1) Akihabara



Which other spot would be more suitable for fans of anime than Akihabara, the mecca of Japan’s otaku culture?

This hotspot is the place to be if you are interested in anime, manga or just Japan’s pop culture in general. Akihabara is loud, busy and heaven for anyone looking to buy electronic goods – if it has batteries or cables you can be sure to find it somewhere in this shopping district. Of course there are also numerous shops where you can buy your favorite anime merchandise for a reasonable price. There are more than enough things to see and explore at every corner of Akihabara.

On top of all the shops there are also maid cafes and arcades built over numerous floors. Take a day off and explore Akihabara to experience one of Tokyo’s more unique sides.

This concludes our list of places to see if you are an anime fan coming to Tokyo. Anime is a big part of Japanese culture, but you should not expect to encounter it everywhere you go. If you take the time to go out and visit the spots above, however, you can experience your favorite shows in a new and entertaining way. After all, enjoying yourself should be the main focus of every trip and that’s definitely possible at these hotspots.

If you have ever visited any of these attractions share your experiences with us. If not, which ones would you definitely check out on a trip to Tokyo? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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