Top 5 Phrases every Anime Fan says

Do you consider yourself an otaku? Yes? Well, then you better listen up, because we have gathered the Top 5 Phrases that anime fans are most likely to say.

This article is not supposed to offend anyone or make fun of anime fans. Rather, I want us to go through them together and laugh about ourselves for a second. Let’s get started!

“Only one more episode!”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever promised yourself or someone else to finally start studying after watching one more episode … only to continue watching since it ended with a major cliffhanger. I am more than guilty of doing so. Some shows are just too addicting to stop watching them. Sometimes, you just have to lie to yourself to get an excuse for binge watching a whole season in one night.


“Anime is not just for kids”

Let’s be honest, being into anime can be tough, especially when you try to explain your hobby to people that have no idea what it’s about. Especially parents tend to think that their anime loving children are stuck in a childish phase and still enjoy “kids shows” despite their age.

The simplest way to convince someone from the opposite is to introduce them to anime. Just show them an episode of Attack on Titan or the season finale of Tokyo Ghoul. After seeing that no one should think that anime are “just for kids”.


“This is not how it was in the manga”

This phrase is basically the anime equivalent of “the books were so much better than the movie”. It’s understandable; if you’ve been a fan of a certain story from the very beginning you are bound to have high expectations for its adaptation. Seeing changes in one’s beloved story is tough and it requires some effort to come to terms with them.

Just accept the fact that adaptations are always a new original. There’s a reason why many producers say that they base their anime on a story rather than reproduce the same story in a new format. Anime are inspired by manga – changes are inevitable if you want to make a story work on screen.


“I am pretty much fluent in Japanese”

I cannot count the amount of people I’ve met who told me they could speak Japanese only because they were able to understand a show while only occasionally looking at the subtitles. I am not saying that anime are useless for your language studies. On the contrary, I am the first one to admit that they are a great starting point. But just being able to understand phrases like “Arigatou” or “Itadakimasu” doesn’t mean you are fluent in Japanese.

This sometimes goes hand in hand with the assumption that just because you’ve seen a lot of anime you’re able to understand every part of Japanese culture. It’s true that you can see aspects of it, but knowing that Japanese people take off their shoes before they enter homes doesn’t equal understanding a culture.



“I wish I were Japanese”

This phrase is often said together with “I wish I could live in Tokyo” or “Life in Japan is so much better”.

I cannot repeat it often enough: Living in Japan does not mean living inside an anime. Of course, they show a representation of the Japanese lifestyle, but that’s all there is to it. Japan is a normal country like any other – expecting the same level of drama you see in anime once you come here can be compared to a Japanese wanting to live in an American sitcom.

Rather, you should be thankful that you can enjoy Japanese culture as an outsider. It makes you see its uniqueness and appreciate every difference from your own culture. Don’t just wish you could be Japanese – be thankful for the background that you have and see Japan’s specialties as a country that might be completely different from yours.




And, how many phrases are you guilty of saying? What do you think of them and which ones did I forget? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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