Top Anime for Beginners – Part 2

We’re back with the second and final part of our list of top anime for beginners. We hope that the last article already helped some of you finding new shows to get into. Today we’re going to include three more categories with even more must-see anime.

Of course, many of the anime below can be put under different categories but I tried to use the best examples possible for each section. So don’t take this list as a set of rules but rather a simple guideline for finding some great new shows. Enjoy!

Shows that blow your mind

Death Note

If you’re still not sure about which show to start with and are just looking for one recommendation regardless of the genre I would say Death Note is the one you’re looking for. It’s a show that manages to appeal to a broad audience without getting too predictable or unoriginal. If I had to describe Death Note in one sentence I would call it the anime equivalent of a chess game. It’s all about how many steps the characters can think ahead and how good they are at predicting what their opponents are going to do next. Most importantly it makes you think about major moral issues. A big must-watch!

No Game no Life is another hot tip from my side. It’s a show with a great sense of humor as well as amazing character design. At first it might seem like a pretty normal show that won’t be too memorable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s already good from the very first episode but starting from the second or third one it becomes amazing. If you’re a fan of puzzles and mind games you will love No Game no Life. If you also enjoy a good sense of humor it might become one of your favorite shows.


Shows that move you to tears

Angel Beats

Before I even begin this section let me warn you: When I say these shows will move you to tears I mean that you will be crying your eyes out. So be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster.

This being said, first up is Angel Beats. It’s the show that got me personally into anime so I cannot start to describe how important it is to me. It starts out as a comedy show but about halfway in you realize how touching the story really is. It focuses on a group of teenagers stuck in life after death, unable to move on. Slowly each of their troubling pasts is revealed and the whole show gets a new context. Be ready for big tearjerkers.

Next up is a show that is infamous for its deeply touching story – Clannad. This one is for fans of bittersweet love stories as well as daily struggles of high school students. Just like Angel Beats the sadness doesn’t hit you from the very beginning. The show takes its time to introduce all the characters to you first so you can form a bond with them. It’s not until the end that Clannad turns the whole story around and makes you wish you had never started watching it. Still, Clannad remains special to many fans out there, so give it a try.


Shows that introduce Japan’s culture


“Don’t all anime show Japanese culture” I hear you ask. Of course that’s true, but this category covers two shows that especially focus on single aspects of Japan’s culture. So if you’re eager to learn more about the land of the rising sun check out these shows.

Chihayafuru introduces the card game Karuta that is practiced as a competitive sport in Japan. This show does a great job at showing a uniquely Japanese sport that is widely unknown in the West. It’s not only entertaining, but has great artwork as well. Chihayafuru’s main strength is its ability to keep a balance between depicting the game and telling the story of the main characters. Check it out if you’re either a fan of card games or just uplifting and relaxing stories.

Last but not least is the popular show Bakuman that does a great job at explaining the work of mangakas. The two main characters are lovable students that do their best at trying to fulfill their dreams. It’s not only a fun show to watch but really explains how a manga is produced without ever getting boring. Bakuman even got popular enough to be continued as a second and third season so it’s certainly worth a try.



And this is it – a list of the best anime to watch as a beginner. Of course you can start with any show that interests you but these are some top recommendations of shows that certainly won’t disappoint you. But no matter what shows you decide to watch (sad, happy or thoughtful ones), watching anime should always be about enjoying yourself. As long as that’s the case your first choice of show doesn’t really matter that much anymore.

Which one is your favorite show from our list? Also, do you think that the first show you watch influences your further choices? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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